Check­list: Pre­par­ing your stay

Depending on how long you will stay in Germany and which employment status you will have at Paderborn University, there are different things to do. Below, you will find a non-exhaustive list of aspects that you might have to consider before coming to Paderborn.

Register with the Welcome Services We would like to offer personalized services and support during your preparations as well as during your stay in Paderborn therefore kindly ask you to register with the Welcome Services via this online form.
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If necessary: contact Paderborn University's HR Department

If you will be working at Paderborn University with an employment contract: The HR department ("Personaldezernat) of Paderborn University is responsible for any formalities related to your employment and hiring process. Please contact them regarding your employment contract.

If necessay: Hosting agreement

Depending on your status at Paderborn University, e.g. when you will be receiving certain scholarships, you will need a hosting agreement. Please contact your contact person at your faculty if you need a hosting agreement for a scholarship.

If necessary: apply for a visa

Since it can take some time to apply for and receive your visa, it is advisable to find out if you need a visa and, if applicable, to apply for it as early as possible. Please check whether your passport is valid for at least three months longer than the duration of your intended stay.

If necessary: Take out (Health) insurances

Please check if your health insurance is recognised in Germany or if you have a valid travel health insurance. If you need to apply for a visa, you will have to provide evidence of a valid health insurance.

If necessary: Find accommodation

We advise you to start looking for suitable housing in Paderborn as early as possible.

If necessary: Find childcare/schools

If you are accompanied by your child/children, you should take care of childcare or places at schools before your departure.

Plan your journey to Paderborn

Information about how to get to Paderborn can be found on Paderborn University's website


Have important documents (and, if necessary, the translations) at hand

You will probably need some documents e.g. for your employment contract (if applicable) and for applying for visas and residence permits. You will probably need to bring the following documents with you to Germany:

  • if applicable: entry visa
  • if applicable: confirmation of your health insurance provider
  • if applicable: certified copies of important documents (and, if necessary, their translations): e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate(s), etc.)
  • if applicable: final degree and doctoral degree
  • if applicable: several passport photographs (please note the regulations; of course, pictures can also be taken in Germany)
  • if applicable: vaccination certificate
  • (international) driver's licence (if you want to drive in Germany)
  • if applicable: your children's school certificates
  • if applicable: confirmation that you will receive a fellowship
  • ...
Learn some German/Improve your German skills

If you would like to improve your German language skills in advance, we recommend taking a look at the website of the Centre for Language Teaching  at Paderborn University. Here, you will find an overview of various websites for learning and improving your German.