Tem­plates and design guidelines in the "old" cor­por­ate design

The new Brand Portal of Paderborn University is still under construction, so some content is not yet fully available. In particular, the editorial design templates for posters, flyers, brochures, annual reports and the like will follow later. If necessary, please continue to use the old available templates and guidelines until then ("network structure" until July 2023). These are temporarily available here.

Please note that the following subpages and templates are only accessible within the university network. Use VPN access when you are on the road or at home to access all information.  

"Old" logo
"Old" colour world
"Old" fonts
"Old" poster and research poster
"Old" flyers
"Old" invitation cards
"Old" virtual background
Products of the Uni-Shop

If you have any questions, suggestions or support regarding the old and new corporate design, the Marketing Team will be happy to help. Simply send an e-mail to: marketing@upb.de.

Neue Vor­la­gen im Brand­portal

Vorlagen, Nutzungshinweise und Anleitungen des neuen Corporate Design stehen künftig ausschließlich digital über das Brandportal, erreichbar innerhalb des Universitätsnetzes, zur Verfügung. Das Brandportal wird sukzessive erweitert. Derzeit finden Sie im Brandportal bereits folgende Vorlagen:

Büroausstattung Visitenkarte
Basiselemente Logo
Digitale Medien Social Media