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World map with aerial view of Paderborn University Show image information

World map with aerial view of Paderborn University

Photo: Paderborn University

COLOURS Alliance

Together with eight other European universities, UPB has joined forces to form the alliance "COLOURS" (COLlaborative innOvative sUstainable Regional univerSities).

In addition to UPB, the alliance includes the following universities:

Together the alliance members represent more than 126,000 students and almost 12,300 employees.

The partners aim to strengthen their European network, increase their international visibility, and promote mobility within Europe. They also work to develop a multidisciplinary approach to jointly address current societal challenges.

All COLOURS partners are deeply rooted in their regional, socio-political, and economic environment. Therefore, their approach also focuses on strengthening cooperation between the respective regions and regional actors.

With a "challenge-based approach" in teaching, research, and knowledge and technology transfer, the partners want to use synergy effects by intensifying their cooperation at all levels. For example, the alliance plans to develop new attractive offers for virtual and physical mobility and to create joint study and teaching activities in the long run. Students will be strongly involved in designing these measures.

If you are interested in cooperating with the COLOURS partners in teaching, research, or administration, please contact us!


Henriette-Juliane Seeliger

Paderborn University

Assistant to the vice president for international relations

Henriette-Juliane Seeliger
+49 5251 60-2109


Nicola Weinert

International Relations Office

International Projects and Alumni Relations Coordinator

Nicola Weinert
+49 5251 60-5084

The University for the Information Society