Applicant groups

Not all those who acquired their University Entrance Qualification Abroad and would like to participate in a program at the University of Paderborn, must directly apply at the International office. It depends on the desired course of study and/or their nationality. You can find an overview in the following information.

Are you a foreigner who graduated at a German higher secondary school?

If you don't have a German citizenship, but have received your university entrance qualification from a German school inside or outside of Germany, apply for the program directly at the online portal of the admissions office. (Please initially supply a grade of 4,0; follow further instructions by email after registration in the online system.)

(Exceptions: Uni-Assist-Subject Programs)

Are you an EU Citizen?

If you are an EU citizen and are applying

  • for an admission-free subject at the International Office (same application deadlines as for Non-EU Citizens) or
  • for a subject with limited admission (NC-Subject), apply directly via the online portal of the admissions office (Please initially supply a grade of 4,0; follow further instructions by email after registration in the online system.) Find the application deadlines on their webpage (Summer semester 15th January; Winter semester 15th July). (Exceptions: Uni-Assist-Subject Programs) 

Are you comming from a country outside of the European Union?

If you are not German or a citizen of the EU and you have not received your University Entrance Qualification from a German school, apply for a program at the International Office. You need to submit your documents as hardcopies - online applications are neither possible nor accepted).

(Exceptions: Uni-Assist-Subject Programs)


Do you want to study at Paderborn University, but still need to learn German for qualifying yourself for a study course?

Provided you still need to acquire the required German language skills, you can initially, no matter your nationality, apply for a German preparatory course at the International Office. (Question 11, Application for Admission).

Applicant with Entrance Qualification for a Preparatory Study Program

The entrance requirements for the private law preparatory course at the University of Paderborn please refer directly to the preparatory program.


Applicant for a Phd Program / Doctoral Studies / Doctoral program

An application for enrollment as PhD student is at all times possible - on the other side the full semester fee will be falling due for enrollment. Before the application you should have successfully clarified the acceptance as Phd student with a professor of Paderborn University. With an attestation about this acceptance and the other necessary documents you are able to apply directly to the International Office.  



International Office

For direct applications at the International Office, please send your application documents by post to the following address:

Universität Paderborn
International Office
Warburger Straße 100
33098 Paderborn

Important: Please check, whether you need to apply via uni-assist or directly to the university!