exhibition: "The red thread"

Ort: KleppArt

The exhibition "Der rote Faden" (The Red Thread) by Margret Winkler-Horstkotte will take place from 23 November to 14 December in the KleppArt, Rooms for Textiles and Culture at Paderborn University. Interested parties are cordially invited to the vernissage on 22 November at 6 pm at the KleppArt.

The organisers are particularly pleased to make the rooms of the KleppArt available to the Winkler family, as they make it possible for selected textile and art students of Paderborn University to spend eight weeks in the Molino Mill in Andalusia, Spain, through the annual award of a scholarship. The sponsorship was initiated in 1990 by Woldemar Winkler, artist and husband of Margret Winkler-Horstkotte, who himself used the mill as a studio during his lifetime.

The exhibition shows works and paper creations by the master weaver. In 1946, Margret Horstkotte fled to Gütersloh, where she married the artist Woldemar Winkler in 1948, during the period of reconstruction. Bound together by art, the two of them wanted to rethink the old craft of weaving, and so Margret Winkler-Horstkotte developed an innovative hand-weaving technique with which she produced tapestries. When she started a family, Margret Winkler-Horstkotte initially paused her own artistic work and from then on focused on supporting her husband's artistic work and setting up a training business with twelve looms. It was not until years later that she devoted herself to her own art again. The results are freely artistic paper creations, which will also be on display in the exhibition.

In addition to weavings for everyday use, the exhibition also features artistic wall hangings reminiscent of church windows. In her work, Margret Winkler-Horstkotte is not concerned with depicting things as they are, but with showing the essence out of the craft.

22.11.2023 | 7 pm (or 8/15 Nov)

Welcome by the Paderborn University
Saskia Detmar, artistic assistant to Prof. Kürtz in the textile department

Frederike Winkler-Mey, daughter of the exhibiting artist
Dr. Irene Below, art historian

Exhibition period
23.11.2023 until 14.12.2023

Opening hours
Tuesdays 14-16 h | Thursdays 14-16 h

Further events
Wed, 06.12.23 | 6 pm  
Guided tour and talk with Frederike Winkler-Mey

Finissage: Thursday, 14.12.2023 | 6 pm
with film screening | "Künstle sind gefährlich" an interview with the 102-year-old artist and passages with his wife Margret Winkler-Holskotte

Joaquina Raulin, e-mail: joaquina@mail.uni-paderborn.de; Josefine Reiermann, e-mail: j_reiermann@web.de

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