Aptitude tests in German, English and Mathematics

For admission to a course of study at Paderborn University, applicants who do not hold a general university entrance qualification nor a vocational qualification in accordance with the vocational training-related university entrance regulations are required to take aptitude tests in the general subjects of German, English and Mathematics.

Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are taken in the form of examinations of 60-90 minutes’ duration. The examination may be re-sit once. Applicants must prove that they have passed the relevant examination by submitting the completed aptitude test pass form, which can be downloaded here:

Form for applicants who hold an advanced technical college entrance qualification

New and important to know: Before taking the first aptitude test, the form must be submitted to the Centre for Language Studies (ZfS, I3.401), together with the certificate from the Registrar’s Office confirming that the applicant holds an advanced technical college entrance qualification. Applicants will not be permitted to sit the aptitude tests unless the corresponding (uppermost) field on the form has been stamped and signed.

You can find further important information, in particular on withdrawing from or missing the aptitude tests, in the General Regulations.

Preparatory courses for the aptitude tests

Courses are offered to prepare applicants for the aptitude tests. Attendance of these preparatory courses is not a prerequisite for admission to the test, but is strongly recommended. The courses entail approx. 60 45-minute sessions per subject. The average workload for participants is approx. 120 hours. The courses are usually conducted as block courses, prior to the commencement of studies.

We are pleased to confirm that these courses may be eligible for BAföG funding. For more information, please contact the student finance department.

Dates and registration

All current and future preparatory courses and aptitude tests are listed under Dates, and applicants can register for these under Registration.

NEW: Registration follows a two-step procedure:
1. Register on the registration page
You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail and be notified as soon as your registration for the relevant aptitude tests and preparatory courses has been approved. This is done on the online learning platform PANDA. You will be given a user account for this.
2. Register for the aptitude tests and preparatory courses on PANDA.

Important information

Please ensure that you register for the courses and aptitude tests online in good time . Registration is open until 1 week prior to commencement of the first course..

Before registering for the courses and aptitude tests, we recommend checking with the relevant faculty that you stand a good chance of passing the tests.

Please ensure that you obtain the relevant certificate confirming that you hold an advanced technical college entrance qualification in good time, prior to commencement of the first preparatory course and no later than prior to commencement of the first aptitude test.

Additional information

If you have questions regarding admission to the university without a German “Abitur” or advanced technical college entrance qualification, please contact the Student Advice Centre:

Tel.: +49 (0)5251 60-2007

E-mail: zsb@uni-paderborn.de

You can find out how to provide evidence of your specific aptitude for your chosen course here.