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The online application

Please note the detailed information on formalities and necessary application documents on our website. These instructions only describe the first processes within the online application system. We will only consider applications that are submitted to us completely by the application deadline.

Basic Tips

  • Before you fill out the online application form, you should already have informed yourself about exchange possibilities in the portal.
  • When doing your research, make a note of the responsible programme officer(s) for your subject for each university of your choice. Within the faculties, the programme officers are responsible for the respective cooperation and can advise you on the content of the cooperation.

Basic procedure

In the application round, you can apply for up to five mobility requests in one field of study.

During the application round, fill out the online form. A link to the application form will be published on our homepage during the application period.

Please enter an e-mail address that you read regularly, as we will contact you if you have any questions about your application and during your stay.

Application system

After sending the first application, you will be asked by e-mail to create an account (login/user account) for the application system. To do so, click on the link in the e-mail.

You can download the application form by clicking on the "Create Application form" in the application process.

In case of questions and problems

For technical questions such as operating problems or error messages, please contact io-outgoing(at)zv.upb(dot)de.

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