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Sunny start to the new semester (April 2023). Show image information

Sunny start to the new semester (April 2023).

Photo: Paderborn University, Besim Mazhiqi

International Office

International students at Paderborn University, stays abroad and exchange programmes with foreign universities, international cooperations

You are interested in studying for a Bachelor or Master degree in Paderborn and graduating from Paderborn University.

You would like to fulfil the language requirements for studying in Germany or you would like to learn German language to improve your studies.

You are studying at Paderborn University? Find out about the activities on offer for international students.

You study at a partner university and want to spend one or two semesters at Paderborn University. You are coming to Paderborn as part of an exchange programme.

You are a student at Paderborn University and want to study abroad for one or two semesters (Information mostly in German only).

You want to do an internship abroad in another European country, study abroad as a Free Mover or participate in a summer school.

The central umbrella organisation for Paderborn University doctoral candidates, postdocs and junior professors is the Jenny Aloni Center for Early-Career Researchers


They want to host guest researchers, initiate international cooperations or go abroad for a while.

Über Internationale Alumni-Ar­beit und Aktivitäten informiert die Stabsstelle UPB Alumni

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