Traffic Control for MixedAutonomy Systems


Automated driving in combination with Car2X communication opens up promising possibilities for future traffic systems. The cooperative use of shared real-time information enables a significant increase in the efficiency of today's traffic infra¬structure. With this goal in mind, the project aims to use new technologies from the field of traffic engineering to control and optimize urban traffic flows. Autonomous vehicles and Car2X communication technology are to be integrated into a traffic control system and linked with intelligent circuits for traffic signal systems (LSA). In addition, the traffic situation will be directly influenced by the specification of optimized routes and speed profiles, which will have a significant influence on the traffic flow of autonomous vehicles. In this way, waiting times are to be reduced and pollutant emissions reduced.

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Intelligent Technical Systems
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01/2021 - 12/2024
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ansgar Trächtler

Regelungstechnik und Mechatronik / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

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