Change Your Perspective: It's Just Dyscalculia


Das ERASMUS+ Projekt 'Change your perspective: It's just dyscalculia' ist im Bereich Schulbildung angesiedelt. Es fokussiert die Entwicklung, Erprobung und Evaluation eines Lehrplans sowie von Präsenz- und Online-Kursen zum Umgang mit Dyskalkulie. Dyskalkulie ist eine ausgeprägte Beeinträchtigung des mathematischen Denkens bzw. der Rechenfertigkeiten. Es hat eine Dauer von 24 Monaten. Die Projektsprache ist Englisch.


The international ERASMUS+ project 'Change Your Perspective: It's Just Dyscalculia' is in the field of school education. It focuses on the development, testing and evaluation of a curriculum and face-to-face and online courses for dealing with dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a pronounced impairment of mathematical thinking or calculation skills. Dyscalculia is a numeracy disorder that is not thought to be curable. It has a duration of 24 months and the project language is English.

The objectives of Change Your Perspective: It's Just Dyscalculia are:

  1. Project activities will contribute to increasing the institutional capacity of project partner organisations, particularly in the area of school education and dealing with dyscalculia.
  2. Ensure that students with learning difficulties are included in mainstream education.
  3. The professional competences of the trainers in the project partner organisations will be strengthened at EU level.
  4. With regard to European standards, project partner organisations will ensure that development plans for dyscalculia are conceptualised and prepared.

The project is designed to achieve the following specific outcomes:

  •    Dyscalculia curriculum and course materials.
  •    Activity materials and orientation studies to be included in the dyscalculia curriculum.
  •    Dyscalculia e-learning module (online courses)
  •    Dyscalculia quick application solutions: Dyscalculia podcasts
  •    Dyscalculia awareness statistics produced as a result of the analysis activities

Key Facts

Research profile area:
Transformation and Education
Project duration:
12/2022 - 12/2024
Contribution to sustainability:
Quality Education
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Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner

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