Designing education for the digital world at Paderborn University



Increasing digitisation is changing the demands of modern teacher education. In December 2019, a new framework – called the „Paderborner Rahmenkonzept“ - defined important digitalisation-related competencies for teacher education at UPB. The framework has already been integrated into the examination regulations during the reaccreditation in 2022.

So far, however, there is a lack of an evaluation instrument that evaluates the implementation of the „Paderborner Rahmenkonzept“. To achieve this, we develop innovative formats to be implemented into teacher education courses. Furthermore, we develop an evaluation instrument that takes into account the various facets of the framework at the level of teaching courses. Following a design-based research approach, we focus on creating transfer potential as well as ensuring quality assurance.


The project will show possibilities and ways to put the existing theoretical framework into practice in teacher education courses. Furthermore, changes in the implementation are to be assessed. The teaching formats developed will serve as an innovative example for other teachers who are faced with similar demands. We focus on designing a product that strengthens the implementation of the framework and makes it evaluable.

Key Facts

Digitalisierung, Lehrerbildung, Didaktik
Research profile area:
Transformation and Education
Project duration:
04/2021 - 06/2023
Contribution to sustainability:
Quality Education
Funded by:
Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.

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Principal Investigators

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Prof. Dr. Rebekka Schmidt

Key research area Transformation and Education

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Prof. Dr. Uta Häsel-Weide

AG Häsel-Weide

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Prof. Dr. Claudia Tenberge

Key research area Transformation and Education

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