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M.Sc. Lukas Johannes Lanza

M.Sc. Lukas Johannes Lanza

Systems theory

Member - Research Student

+49 5251 60-5015
Technologiepark 21
33100 Paderborn

Open list in Research Information System


Representation and stability of internal dynamics

L.J. Lanza, PAMM (2021)


Internal dynamics of multibody systems

L.J. Lanza, in: arXiv:2009.08726, 2020

We consider nonlinear multibody systems and present a suitable set of coordinates for the internal dynamics which allow to decouple the internal dynamics without the need to compute the Byrnes-Isidori form. Furthermore, we derive sufficient conditions for the system parameters such that the internal dynamics of a class of systems with constant mass matrix are bounded-input, bounded-output stable.

    Tracking control for underactuated non-minimum phase multibody systems

    T. Berger, S. Drücker, L.J. Lanza, T. Reis, R. Seifried, in: arXiv:2010.01010, 2020

    We consider tracking control for multibody systems which are modelled using holonomic and nonholonomic constraints. Furthermore, the systems may be underactuated and contain kinematic loops and are thus described by a set of differential-algebraic equations that cannot be reformulated as ordinary differential equations in general. We propose a control strategy which combines a feedforward controller based on the servo-constraints approach with a feedback controller based on a recent funnel control design. As an important tool for both approaches we present a new procedure to derive the internal dynamics of a multibody system. Furthermore, we present a feasible set of coordinates for the internal dynamics avoiding the effort involved with the computation of the Byrnes-Isidori form. The control design is demonstrated by a simulation for a nonlinear non-minimum phase multi-input, multi-output robotic manipulator with kinematic loop.

      Observers for Differential-Algebraic Systems with Lipschitz or Monotone Nonlinearities

      T. Berger, L.J. Lanza, in: Progress in Differential-Algebraic Equations II, 2020

      Output tracking for a non-minimum phase robotic manipulator

      T. Berger, L.J. Lanza, in: arXiv:2001.07535, 2020

      We exploit a recently developed funnel control methodology for linear non-minimum phase systems to design an output error feedback controller for a nonlinear robotic manipulator, which is not minimum phase. We illustrate the novel control design by a numerical case study, where we simulate end-effector output tracking of the robotic manipulator.

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