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Latest Publications

'The Continent is Isolated‘. Britische Europavorstellungen zwischen Mythos und Wahrheit.
C. Ehland, in: P.M. Lützeler (Ed.), Die Europäische Union: Konfusion Und Vision: Interdisziplinäre Fragestellungen, Böhlau, Köln und Wien, 2022, pp. 63–79.
Splendid Consultation: Jochen Buchsteiner reports on Brexit and Britain
C. Ehland, in: C. Berberich (Ed.), Brexit and the Migrant Voice, Routledge, London, 2022, pp. 104–121.
Introduction: Cross-cultural Encounters and Expressions of Power in Middlebrow Literature and Culture, 1890-1940 and the present
C. Ehland, J. Gohrisch, in: C. Ehland, J. Gohrisch (Eds.), Imperial Middlebrow, Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2020, pp. 1–21.
Beyond ‘the Miasma of London’: John Keats as Tourist
C. Ehland, L’arte Del Ricardo: Romanticismo e Cultural Memory 12 (2020) 69–86.
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  • Survey of English and American Literatures
  • School of Life: British Children's Literature then and now
  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • Colloquium English and American Literary and Cultural Studies
  • A World in Transition: From the Colonial to the Postcolonial Period