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Management students at Paderborn University advise companies on e-mobility and digitalisation

In times of the transport revolution and new technology trends, topics such as electromobility and digitalisation are also becoming increasingly important for companies. Business students at Paderborn University are taught this in a practical way during their studies. As part of the "Capstone Course" module, they have now carried out a comprehensive analysis of the potential of e-mobility and digitalisation at a regional company.

Under the expert guidance of Prof Dr Lena Steinhoff, Professor of Marketing and Digital Transformation, and her research assistant Michelle Mertens, the students worked on two projects for the Detmold-based electronics manufacturer Weidmüller, addressing questions from business practice. The "Marketing" project team looked at how targeted marketing measures that take local and European funding guidelines into account can be used as a success factor for marketing e-mobility solutions. The "Personnel/Organisation" project team analysed the current status of employees with regard to digitalisation and where there is further potential. Based on the findings, the students provided the company with well-founded recommendations for action.

"With their project work, the students have not only competently developed practical recommendations for action. Their achievements are on a par with those of a professional consulting company. The results have exceeded our expectations and revealed significant potential for the marketing of wallboxes and our internal digitalisation at Weidmüller," says Katja Köster, Project Manager at Weidmüller, in conclusion about the successful collaboration. Steinhoff is also delighted as the technical director: "This is great and well-deserved feedback for our Master's students, who showed great commitment throughout the semester and put their heart and soul into the project."

About the "Capstone Course"

The module, which is offered once a year in the winter semester with changing cooperation partners from industry, is an important part of the Master's degree programme in Management at Paderborn University. It enables students to deal with issues of practical relevance and deepen their application and transfer skills. "The 'Capstone Course' is a great preparation for future career entry and equips students with crucial skills for everyday working life," says Mertens.

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Photo (Paderborn University, Weidmüller): Under the expert guidance of Prof Dr Lena Steinhoff (from right), students from Paderborn University were able to gain practical experience at electronics manufacturer Weidmüller as part of the "Capstone Course".


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