Licence fee

The German public service broadcasters are financed by a licence fee. This way of funding enables media coverage independent from commercial or political interests. People who are registered as residents are legally obliged to pay the licence fee. At present, the costs amount to 17.50 Euro per month.

If you are only staying in Germany for a short time and threfore do not have to register as a resident, you do not have to pay the licence fee. Residents of the Jenny-Aloni-Haus do not have to pay the radio fee as it is already included in the rent.

If you are staying in Germany for a longer period and have registered at the Residents' Registration Office, you will usually receive a letter with the request to pay the fees. If you do not receive such a letter, it is advisable to register yourself online, as otherwise you may have to pay high additional fees.

The amount must be paid per flat. This means that if you live with several people in one flat, the licence fee only has to be paid by one person.

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