Hon­or­ary Cit­izens of Pader­born Uni­ver­sity

Personalities who are connected to the university in a special way can become honorary citizens of Paderborn University. This honor is usually not awarded to members of the university or its staff.

Year of award

2015      Heinz Paus, former mayor of the city of Paderborn

2000      Prof. Dr. Craig Dean Willis, President of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

1999      Wilhelm Lüke, former mayor of the city of Paderborn

1994      Renate Nixdorf †

1994      Wilhelm Ferlings, former principal of the city of Paderborn

1989      Herbert Schwiete †, former mayor of the city of Paderborn

1982      Prof. Dr. Martin Stepani †, former General Music Director, former Director of the Detmold Academy of Music

1978      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Boghdan †, retired senior building director, former director of the Höxter State School of Engineering

1975      Prof. Dr. René Lehmann †, former President of the Université du Maine

1973      Prof. Dr. phil. Josef Haupt †, retired Senior Building Director, former Head of the State School of Mechanical Engineering, Paderborn