Leave of absence and semester fees

Leave of absence

While you are abroad you can request a leave of absence at the Service Center. 

Please note: During a leave of absence, you are not permitted to take any exams at Paderborn University.  Consider carefully if taking a leave of absence is the right choice for you. You may return to Paderborn University before the end of the semester (for example if the winter semester in the partner country only lasts until the end of December) and wish to sit exams.

If your courses and exams taken abroad are later recognised and transferred to credits, the semester will be added to your total number of semesters studied.

The Service Center will provide further information about the advantages and disadvantages of a leave of absence. Please also clarify how this may impact your entitlement to BAföG.

We will issue you with a general certificate of your semester abroad for submission to the Service Center. You can download this in Mobility Online after your nomination.

Semester Fees

Exchange students are generally exempt from tuition fees at our partner universities. Even if you are exempt from pure tuition fees at our partner universities, you may, for example, be required to show certain financial resources in advance as a guarantee (possibly through a sponsor). In non-European countries, this can be several thousand euros per semester.
Likewise, other fees (such as application fees, administration fees, visa costs or health costs (e.g. mandatory vaccinations)) are not included in the tuition waiver and must be paid by you. Accommodation and living costs are also to be paid by the students themselves.
If you do not take a leave of absence during your exchange, you will continue to pay the regular semester fee at Paderborn University. Please contact the Service Centre for information on possible reductions.