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Research exchange possibilities


In our partner universities portal, you can select the field of study in which you intend to study and then click on the button " Mobilitätsmöglichkeiten im Detail anzeigen" to display the search results. The number of exchange options that match your preselection will be calculated in advance:

Display results list

As an example, we have chosen Economics as the field of study for the exchange. By clicking on " Mobilitätsmöglichkeiten im Detail anzeigen" you will receive a table of results in the following form:

The results can be sorted by clicking on the arrows next to the column headings.

Details of the Bilateral Agreement

By clicking on the Info-Icon you will get detailed information about the respective exchange. This includes the responsible programme officer, any language requirements, study cycles open for application and any special information. You will also get basic information about the institution. If we have experience reports from exchange students who have visited this university in the past, you will also find them there. We recommend that you use this offer in your research.

Other information

Important: We recommend that you inform yourself on the websites of the partner universities about the range of courses on offer to decide whether sufficient courses are offered for your personal study orientation.

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