Change of de­gree course / Par­al­lel ad­mis­sion

Period of application for a study change or parallel admission 

For the winter semester:
01. June - 15. July (for study course not free of admission) 
01. June - 21. September (for admission free study courses)

For the summer semester:
01. December - 15. January (for study course not free of admission) 
01. December - 21. March (for admission free study courses)

As a general rule, if you would like to study a different/additional degree programme or subject, you must first submit an application via PAUL. Within the application, you have the option of indicating whether you wish to change or parallel enrolment.

The regular application and enrolment process must be carried out for this. Please also note the following information:

  • You do not need a separate application account for PAUL. You can access the Application tab in your student account.
  • Parallel enrolment in two degree programmes with restricted admission is not possible.
  • The change/parallel enrolment can only be completed once the semester fees have been credited to the Paderborn University account.
  • Registration for courses is only possible after enrolment or transfer of enrolment has been completed.


Please inform yourself about the legal requirements for a change of study program at your local immigration office. As a rule, it is only possible to change a course of study as long as it will be still possible to graduate within the timeframe stipulated by the Aliens Law. A change of course of study after the 3rd semester requires in any case the agreement of the responsible aliens' registration office!
The agreement of the aliens' registration office should in any case be available to you before enrolling in the new course of study. Please bear in mind that in the worst case, an unauthorised change of course of study or a parallel enrolment in an additional study course can lead to the loss of your residence permit!