Start-up sup­port and fund­ing

Paderborn University is a start-up-friendly university and supports its students and researchers in establishing start-ups from within the university. The Research Support Service offers a comprehensive service regarding start-up funding.

The federal and state ministries as well as the European Union, provide funding for start-up projects within the scope of funding programmes. Guidelines provide information on specific funding conditions. On behalf of the ministries, project management organisations provide technical and administrative support for the projects.

Content-related aspects of start-up funding: Projects include the continuation of research and development, but also the creation and finalisation of a business idea and a business plan. For these aspects your professional mentors and TECUP will support and advise you.

Formal aspects of start-up funding: Funding is provided on the basis of specific legal regulations which must be strictly adhered to. With regard to these project formalities, UPB’s central administration will accompany you, in addition to the two parties mentioned above - TECUP and your mentor. During the application process, the Research Support Service 2.2 will provide you with information and co-support on the project requirements.

We have compiled comprehensive information for you in guidelines, which contain the following components:

  • general fact sheet,
  • programme-specific fact sheet,
  • programme-specific checklist for the submission of application documents.

The guidelines cover the following funding programmes:

For Whom? Research teams at universities.

For What? Outstanding research-based start-up projects that involve complex and high-risk development work.

How? Project funding for development work in preparation for the start-up, usually 18 months, max. 36 months.

When? Submission possible on an ongoing basis. Assessment from 31 March, 31 August and 30 November of each year.

Link UPB (intern): UPB Leitfaden EXIST-Forschungstransfer

For Whom? Students, graduates and scientists from universities who are interested in founding a company.

For What? Innovative technology-orientated or knowledge-based product with significant unique selling points and good prospects of commercial success.

How? Scholarship for max. 3 people for 12 months.

When? Applications possible on an ongoing basis.

Link UPB (intern): UPB Leitfaden EXIST-Gründungsstipendium

For Whom? Graduates and scientists from universities who are willing to start a business.

For What? Knowledge-intensive start-up ideas as technology-orientated start-up projects, innovative services, social innovations.

How? Pro-rata project funding for the development of products, processes, services, max. 24 months.

When? Deadline for submission planned for 31.01. and 31.07. from 2023 to 2026.

Link UPB (intern): UPB Leitfaden Start-up Transfer.NRW

Please take note of the guidelines for your respective funding programme. This document offers detailed information on the procedure for submitting an application. The submission requires legally binding signatures and therefore some formal clarifications.

Please note that the necessary coordination and clarification processes take time. Therefore, please contact us in good time, at least 2 weeks before the deadline for outgoing mail.

Please note that currently only applications in German can be submitted for the listed funding programmes. The UPB guidelines are available in German. If you are interested in English-language advice, please contact the indicated contact person directly.

Dr. Anna Reinacher

European and National Research Funding and Planning, Legal Aspects of Research (SG 2.2)

Room A3.242
Paderborn University
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Data pri­vacy no­tice

In connection with the application for third-party funding and research projects, please note the information on the collection and, if applicable, on the transmission of personal data in accordance with the GDPR at