Present­a­tions at the SFF in Aus­tin, Texas

From August 13-15, 2018 the 29th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF) takes place in Austin, Texas. With 620 participants from 18 countries and 500 presentations on current topics, this is one of the largest conferences in the field of additive manufacturing worldwide.

The DMRC is also represented here with numerous lectures on the following topics:

  • The Influence of Contour Scanning Parameters and Strategy on Selective Laser Sintering PA613    Build Part Properties: Christina Kummert, Hans-Joachim Schmid
  • Topology Optimized Heat Transfer Using the Example of an Electronic Housing: Dennis Menge; Patrick Delfs; Marcel Tows; Hans-Joachim Schmid
  • Processing Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers in the Fused Deposition Modeling Process: Christian Schumacher; Volker Schöppner; Stefan Gnaase
  • Design Guidelines for a Software-supported Adaptation of Additively Manufactured Components with Regard to a Robust Production: Stefan Lammers; Johannes Tominski; Sebastian Magerkohl; Tobias Lieneke; Thomas Künneke; Detmar Zimmer
  • Method for a Software-based Design Check of Additive Manufactured Components: Johannes Tominski; Stefan Lammers; Christian Wulf; Detmar Zimmer

In addition, we had the privilege to enrich the plenary session with a lecture on "Technology Integration into Existing Companies" (Johannes Busching; Hans-Joachim Schmid; Ulrich Jahnke; Anne Kruse; Rainer Koch).