New DM­RC Part­ner: AS­SON­IC - as­son­ic Dor­sten­er Sieb­tech­nik GmbH

The DMRC is looking forward to welcome a new partner to the industrial consortium: assonic Dorstener Siebtechnik GmbH.

The company and its products are known by the name „assonic“. It was established in 2010 and has developed several innovative processes for sifting and sizing fine and difficult to screen powders. Its technology "SONIC SPEED SCREEN™" is based on ultrasonic and medium frequency energies as well as on innovative screenig media. Since 2016 assonics main focus is to work on the requirements of the AM industry for conditioned and recycled metal and plastic powders. The goal is to achieve the highest powder quality levels, improved performance with little space requirements and low energy consumption. Powder handling and safe process environment are always a consideration.

As part of the Dorstener Drahtwerke group assonic has access not only to a vast knowledge of screening media, but can also utilize the complete inventory of woven wire meshes for fast supply of all screens.

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