Award winner: Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Reinsberger, Faculty of Science / Department of Exercise and Health,

Dr.-Ing. Tanuj Hasija, Faculty of EIM-Electrical Engineering / Signal and System Theory Group

Project: „Improving the lives of people with epilepsy: Towards a low-cost and real-time seizure prediction“

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Past Re­search Award Win­ners

Research Award 2022

  • Award winner: PD Dr. Adrian Keller, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
  • Project „DNA-based nanoantibiotics to combat resistant germs"

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Research Award 2021

  • Award winner: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Steinrück, Technical Chemistry, Faculty of Science
  • Project: "Clean Water - Made by UPB

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Author Dr. Oliver Seewald

Research Prize 2020

  • Prize winner: Prof. Dr. Rebecca Grotjahn (Musicology Seminar Detmold/Paderborn)
  • Project: "Edition of phonographic music".

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Author Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber

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Research Award 2019

  • Award winners: Prof. Dr. Eyke Hüllermeier (Institute of Computer Science) and Dr.-Ing. Oliver Wallscheid (Institute of Electrical Engineering)
  • Project: "Reinforcement learning in micro and smart grids: secure, data-driven operational strategies for complex energy systems"

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Author Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Homberg

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Research Award 2018

  • Award winners: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühne, Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl
  • Project: Green IT: Exact calculations with inaccurate but energy-efficient computers

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Author Prof. Dr. Michael Dellnitz

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Research Award 2017

  • Award winner: Dr. rer. net. Oliver Strube
  • Project: Enzyme-moderated phosphorus regeneration

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Author Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jadran Vrabec

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Research Award 2016

  • Award winner: Dr.-Ing. Britta Schramm
  • Project: Additive manufacturing in medical technology
  • Award winner: Dr.-Ing. Michael Leuer, Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Peters
  • Project: Thermal-electrical design of highly efficient chargers for electric vehicles (UPB chargers)

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Research Award 2015

  • Award winners: Dr. Markus Greulich, Dr. Simon Oberthür and Junior Professor Dr. Nicole M. Wilk
  • Project: Historical Paderborn App (HiP-App) Interfaculty research project on agile software development and mobile multimodal mediation of pre-modern artefacts
  • Award winners: Dr Karin Mora, Professor Dr Dr Claus Reinsberger
  • Project: Neurophysiological epilepsy diagnostics through network-oriented data analysis

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Research Award 2014

  • Prize winner: Dr. Adrian Keller
  • Project: Self-assembled DNA nanowires for future information technology
  • Award winner: Dr. Mirna Zeman
  • Project: Cultural Cyclography of Things. Object circulations and (self-)biographies of artefacts
  • Award winners: Junior Professor Dr. Artus Krohn-Grimberghe, Junior Professor Dr. Alexander Skopalik and Junior Professor Dr. Kevin Tierney
  • Project: Acceleration of mixed-integer optimisation by exploiting variability

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Research Award 2013

  • Prize winner: Professor Dr. Jochen Baumeister
  • Project: Hybrid neurofeedback training environment for controlling novel hand prostheses
  • Award winner: Junior Professor Dr. Michaela Geierhos
  • Project: More than Words - Analysis of User Generated Content for the Identification of Latent Service Quality Characteristics
  • Award winner: Dr. Jörg Schmalenströer
  • Project: Reliable navigation in buildings

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Research Award 2012

  • Prize winner: Dirk Prior
  • Project: Lowering the operating temperature to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic modules by integrating phase change materials
  • Prize winner: Dr. Kshitij Kulshreshtha and Dr.-Ing. Jens Rautenberg
  • Project: Determination of the material characteristics of piezoelectric test specimens by measuring the electrical impedance and solving an inverse problem

Research Award 2011

  • Prize winner: Junior Professor Dr. Hannes Frey
  • Project: FlySense: Installation of wireless miniature sensors using autonomous flying robots
  • Award winners: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Niendorf and Dr.-Ing. Özlem Özcan
  • Project: Development of self-healing flexible barrier layers for highly ductile TWIP steels based on polyelectrolyte nanocomposite layers

Research Award 2010

  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Frank Hellmich and Dr. Sandra Niebuhr-Siebert
  • Project: Promoting reading skills among children with a migration background in primary school
  • Award winners: Dr. Alexander Pawlis and Dr.-Ing. Matthias Stallein
  • Project: Integrated optical network components for secure quantum communication
  • Award winner: Dr. Christian Thierfelder
  • Project: Investigation of molecular electron transfer processes with wavelet-based DFT

Research Award 2009

  • Prize winners : Dr. Michael Ahlers and Dr. Thomas Strauch
  • Project: Empirical recording of reciprocal creative strategies via improvisational approaches
  • Award winners: Dr. Jens Förstner and Dr. Christian Plessl
  • Project: Custom Computing Architectures for Nanophotonics
  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Michael Hofmann and Professor Dr. Klaus von Stosch
  • Project: Islam in Germany - Interculturality and Interreligious Discourse in Literature
  • Award winners: PD Dr. Jörn Glasenapp, Dr. Claudia Lillge and Dr. Stefanie Rinke
  • Project: Cultural Phenomenon Work: Self-Designs Topographies Value Attitudes
  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Walter Sextro and Professor Dr. Andrea Walther
  • Project: Simulation and optimisation of innovative lightweight construction materials

Research Award 2008

  • Award winners: Dr.-Ing. André Brinkmann and Dr. Sonja Herres-Pawlis
  • Project: Theoretical analysis of lactide polymerisation in a virtualised grid environment
  • Award winners: Junior Professor Dr. Achim Koberstein and PD Dr. Elmar Lukas
  • Project: IT-supported risk management in global production networks
  • Award winner: Dr. Judith Rickers
  • Project: A competence model of musical practising: the significance of the concept of practising and motivation regulation

Research Award 2007

  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Stefan Betz and Dr. Christoph Laroque
  • Project: Simultaneous quantity- and value-oriented analysis of intra- and inter-company material flows in a virtual environment
  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Guido Grundmeier and Professor Dr. Wolf Gero Schmidt
  • Project: Understanding corrosion mechanisms at interfaces: An experiment - theory - approach
  • Award winners: Dr.-Ing. Karl-Peter Jäker and Dr. Wolfgang Müller
  • Project: New methods for the parameterisation and reconfiguration of FlexRay networks using the example of X-by-Wire systems in a quarter vehicle test bench

Research Award 2006

  • Prize winner: Dr. Kathrin Padberg
  • Project: Approximation of time-dependent transport processes
  • Prize winner: Dr.-Ing. Ulf Witkowski
  • Project: Information technology for game analysis and training control in game sports
  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Donat Josef As and Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hilleringmann
  • Project: Field-effect transistors on a cubic group III nitride basis for future wireless data transmission
  • Prize winners: Dr. Matthias Fischer and Dr. Martin Ziegler
  • Project: Parameterised modelling and formal analysis of rendering algorithms

Research Award 2005

  • Prize winner: Dr. Stefan Schweizer
  • Project: New applications of glass ceramics in optoelectronics - upconversion in transparent zirconium fluoride glass ceramics
  • Prize winner: Dr. Sabine Hochholdinger
  • Project: Conditions of sustainable e-learning in companies
  • Prize winner: Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hemsel and Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernd Henning
  • Project: Tactile intraoperative tumour tissue differentiation in neurosurgery

Research Prize 2004

  • Prize winner: Dr. Stefan Schweizer
  • Project: New ways in digital radiography - detectors based on glass ceramics
  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Ulrich Hilleringmann and Dr. Christian Schindelhauer
  • Project: Development of a wireless, energy-efficient sensor network for determining filling levels using the example of a shelf system in retail trade
  • Award winner: Dr. med. Holger Herwegen
  • Project: Objective measurement of stress in personal health monitoring
  • Award winner: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schlöß
  • Project: Objective measurement of stress levels in personal health monitoring
  • Award winner: Professor Dr. Bärbel Mertsching and Dr. Gudrun Oevel
  • Project: Personalised learning with modular content

Research Award 2003

  • Award winner: Dr. Gitta Kutyniok
  • Project: Duality principles in frame theory
  • Prize winner: Professor Dr. Gregor Fels and Professor Dr. Klaus Huber
  • Project: Aggregation of proteins as a cause of disease
  • Award winner: Dr. Thomas Sattel
  • Project: Development of interactive hierarchical vehicle models for a virtual reality-based driving simulator for the evaluation of driver assistance systems
  • Award winners: Dr. Christian Hennig and Dr. Tobias Hemsel
  • Project: Production of powder coatings by ultrasound: Interdisciplinary approach to the technological optimisation of standing wave atomisation

Research Award 2002

  • Award winners: Dr. Thomas Kater and Dr. Dierk Spreen
  • Project: Ethical and socio-theoretical challenges of new wars in the 21st century
  • Award winners: Dr. Dieter Bothe and Dr. Stefan Blazy
  • Project: Process intensification of polymer production by networking innovative methods from natural science and information technology
  • Award winner: Professor Dr. Peter Bürgisser
  • Project: Representation-theoretic obstructions in complexity theory
  • Prize winner: Associate Professor Dr. Siegmund Greulich-Weber
  • Project: Doping of photonic crystals
  • Prize winner: Dr. Jürgen Locher
  • Project: The Influence of Automotive Infrared Systems on Speed and Gaze Behaviour
  • Award winner: Professor Dr. Jutta Ströter-Bender
  • Project: UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Art Education

Research Award 2001

  • Award winner: Professor Dr. Mario Rese
  • Project: Effectiveness and Efficiency in E-Commerce Networks
  • Award winners: Professor Dr. Heinz Kitzerow and Associate Professor Dr. Bernhard Westermann
  • Project: Liquid crystalline dendrimers for the information society
  • Award winners: Dr. Oliver Junge and Dr. Robert Preis
  • Project: Efficient control of interconnected spacecraft: reconfigurability of flight formation and communication structure
  • Prize winner: Private lecturer Dr. Ingrid Colin
  • Project: The influence of vehicle light distribution on safety and acceptance
  • Awardwinner: Dr. Sigrid Blömeke
  • Project: Teaching and learning with new media in the teaching of the subjects German, History, Computer Science, Mathematics and