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Paderborn University in February 2023 Show image information

Paderborn University in February 2023

Photo: Paderborn University, Hannah Brauckhoff

Nils Klowait

 Nils Klowait

Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 318

Member - Research Associate - Research in the Transregional Project "Constructing Explainability", Project "Ö"

Technik und Diversity

Member - Research Associate - Research in the Transregional Project "Constructing Explainability", Project "Ö"

Biographical note

I research multimodal interaction between humans and non-humans. My research, situated at the intersection of sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, focuses on the ethnomethodological study of embodied sensemaking practices in technology-supported interactional contexts. Through videographic techniques, I aim to understand how interaction is co-constructed by diverse participants through at-hand interactional resources, with a strong focus on the complex interplay between verbal and non-verbal action. My publications include research on human-computer interaction, embodied encounters in virtual reality, and telemediated communication.

Scholarly works

Egorova A. I., Klowait N. (2021) How to Say Good-Bye to a Robot? The Matter of Conversational Closing. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes, 161(1), 241–270. https://

Erofeeva, M. A., Klowait, N. (2018). Basic Income: A Capitalist Road to Communism? Book Review: Standing, Guy (2017): Basic income. And how we can make it happen. London: Pelican, Penguin Books. Sociology of Power, 30(4), 257–267.

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Kimstach U.M., Klowait N., Erofeeva M.A. (2021) Talking without a Voice: Virtual Co-Speakership in an Educational Webinar. Sociology of Power, 33(4): 198-216. doi: 10.22394/2074-0492-2021-4-198-216

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Klowait, N. (2022). On the Multimodal Resolution of a Search Sequence in Virtual Reality. Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies [Under Review]

Klowait, N. O., Erofeeva, M. A., Zababurin, D. (2022). Accomplishing Mutuality in Virtual Reality - The Challenges of Fractured Embodiment. Prologi [Upcoming]

Klowait, N., Erofeeva, M.A., Zababurin, D. (2022). Halting the Decay of Talk – How Atypical Interactants Adapt their Virtual Worlds. Social Interaction. [Under Revision]

Spiridonov, V. F., Erofeeva, M. A., Klowait, N. O., Adrislamov, V. V., Morozov, M. I., & Zdilar, S. (2021). Interactive problem solving revisited: Replicating the effects of interactivity using matchstick algebra problems. Psychological Studies, 14(79).

Spiridonov V.F., Erofeeva M.A., Klowait N.O., Ardislamov V.V., Morozov M.I., Zdilar S. Is interactive problem solving really interactive? Thinking and Reasoning [Under Revision]

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