Nils Klowait

Member - Research Associate

Member - Research Associate
Doctoral Researcher Ö
Member - Research Associate
Research in the Transregional Project "Constructing Explainability", Project "Ö"
Office Address:
Mersinweg 7
33100 Paderborn


Selected Publications

On the Multimodal Resolution of a Search Sequence in Virtual Reality

N. Klowait, Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies 2023 (2023) 1–15.

Halting the Decay of Talk

N. Klowait, M. Erofeeva, Social Interaction. Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality 6 (2023).

The Rise of Interactional Multimodality in Human-Computer Interaction

N. Klowait, М.А. Ерофеева, The Monitoring of Public Opinion Economic&social Changes (2021).

Interactionism in the age of ubiquitous telecommunication

N. Klowait, Information, Communication & Society 22 (2019) 605–621.

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Further Information

Biographical note

I research multimodal interaction between humans and non-humans. My research, situated at the intersection of sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, focuses on the ethnomethodological study of embodied sensemaking practices in technology-supported interactional contexts. Through videographic techniques, I aim to understand how interaction is co-constructed by diverse participants through at-hand interactional resources, with a strong focus on the complex interplay between verbal and non-verbal action. My publications include research on human-computer interaction, embodied encounters in virtual reality, and telemediated communication.