Dr. Sören von der Gracht, (geb. Schwenker)

Chair of Applied Mathematics

Member - PostDoc

Postdoctoral Researcher

Office Address:
Technologiepark 21
33100 Paderborn

Dynamical Systems and applications: Network dynamical systems with diadic and higher-order interactions. Structural investigations via algebraic symmetry methods and their generalizations.


Research Interests

  • Network Dynamical Systems
    • Genericity
    • Bifurcation Theory
    • Application of Representation Theory
    • Connections to Equivariant Dynamics
    • Heteroclinic Dynamics
    • Higher-Order Interactions
    • Applications to Real-World Systems
  • Equivariant DynamicsEquivariant Dynamics
    • Genericity
    • Bifurcation Theory
  • Representation Theory
    • Decomposition of Representations
    • Monoid Representations
    • Quiver Representations
    • Connections to Networks