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Grenzenloses Wachstum? Entwicklung des dualen Studiums in den Bundesländern
L. Mordhorst, S. Nickel, Grenzenloses Wachstum? Entwicklung Des Dualen Studiums in Den Bundesländern, CHE, Gütersloh, 2019.
Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity: Higher Education Policies in Europe
F. Ziegele, L. Mordhorst, in: R.M.O. Pritchard, M. O’Hara, C. Milsom, J. Williams, L. Matei (Eds.), The Three Cs of Higher Education: Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity, Central European University Press, Budapest, 2019, pp. 11–26.
University Teaching Qualification
L. Mordhorst, University Teaching Qualification, DUZ. Deutsche Universitätszeitung, 2018.
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