Bianca Stutz

Public Health Nutrition

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Public Health Nutrition

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Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Glycemic response to meals with a high glycemic index differs between morning and evening: a randomized cross-over controlled trial among students with early or late chronotype

B. Stutz, B. Krueger, J. Goletzke, N. Jankovic, U. Alexy, C. Herder, J. Dierkes, G. Berg-Beckhoff, R. Jakobsmeyer, C. Reinsberger, A.E. Buyken, European Journal of Nutrition (2024).

Association between glucose dips and the feeling of hunger in a dietary intervention study among students with early and late chronotype-secondary analysis of a randomized cross-over nutrition trial

B. Stutz, J. Goletzke, B. Krueger, N. Jankovic, U. Alexy, C. Herder, R. Jakobsmeyer, C. Reinsberger, A.E. Buyken, Appetite 200 (2024) 107569.

Alignment between timing of ‘highest caloric intake’ and chronotype in relation to body composition during adolescence: the DONALD Study

N. Jankovic, S. Schmitting, B. Stutz, B. Krüger, A. Buyken, U. Alexy, European Journal of Nutrition (2023).

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