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Current Projects

Research focus: History of the (far-)right and history of sexualities

Research focus: Memory politics and practices in postmigrant and postcolonial societies

Main research fields

  • History of right-wing politics, nationalism and post-national ideas
  • History of sexualities
  • Memory practices and politics in postmigrant and postcolonial societies
  • Research on self-perception, images of enemies, stereotypes
  • History of the First World War, the German Kaiserreich
  • History of German and Belgian Colonialism

Academic Conferences Organizer

Teaching (selected)

  • A Global History of Nationalism and Post-national Ideas since the 19th Century (Master course)
  • The History of the Extreme Right in Germany since the Mid-1960s (Bachelor course)
  • Antisemitism and Sexuality – The gender of an ideology (Bachelor course)
  • History of sexuality in the U.S. and West-Germany since the Sixties (Bachelor course)
  • Liberalization Movements and their Counterparts in West Germany in the Second Half of the 20th Century (Bachelor course)
  • Paderborn postcolonial – a search for traces (Master course)
  • Introduction to (Digital) Modern and Contemporary History (Bachelor course)
  • Karl Marx, the formation of the capitalist mode of production and the formation of the socialist movement (Bachelor course)(Bachelor course)
  • Global history of normativity and misfits (Bachelor course)
  • Debates on eugenics in Germany and the history of the Nazi "Euthanasia" program (Bachelor course)
  • German Colonialism (Bachelor course)
  • City as a Site of Remembrance and Politics of Remembrance (Bachelor course)
  • For what? Pour quoi? Wofür? Для чего? National war aims in WWI. A comparison (Bachelor course)
  • West and East Germany's New Social Movements after 1970 (Bachelor course)

Board and other Memberships

Scientific Advisory Board/Board memberships

Academic peer reviews for

  • German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Belgian Science Policy, BRAIN-be
  • Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • Jewish Social Studies
  • ZRex – Zeitschrift für Rechtsextremismusforschung