Dr. Christian Koldewey

Advanced Systems Engineering / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

Chief Engineer - PostDoc

Chief Engineer | Head of Business Engineering

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Fürstenallee 11
33102 Paderborn
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Individually by arrangement

About Christian Koldewey

Curriculum Vitae

01.03.2013 - 30.09.2013: Werkstudent Development White Goods Paul Hettich GmbH & Co. KG

01.05.2009 - 28.02.2013: Dualer Student Paul Hettich GmbH & Co. KG

09/2008 - 30.04.2009: Dualer Student Fennel Technologies AG i.I.


Latest Publications

Exploring Capabilities for the Smart Service Transformation in Manufacturing: Insights from Theory and Practice

C. Koldewey, T. Fichtler, M. Scholtysik, J. Biehler, N. Schreiner, F. Sommer, M. Schacht, J. Kaufmann, M. Rabe, J. Sedlmeier, R. Dumitrescu, in: 2024.

Business strategy taxonomy and solution patterns for the circular economy

M. Scholtysik, M. Rohde, C. Koldewey, R. Dumitrescu, in: 2024.

Data-Driven Product Management: A Practitioner-Driven Research Agenda

K. Grigoryan, T. Fichtler, N. Schreiner, M. Rabe, M. Panzner, A. Kühn, R. Dumitrescu, C. Koldewey, in: Procedia CIRP 33, 2023.

Interview Study on Strategy Options for Platform Operation in B2B Markets

L. Özcan, T. Fichtler, B. Kasten, C. Koldewey, R. Dumitrescu, in: 2023.

An Integrative View of the Transformations towards Sustainability and Digitalization: The Case for a Dual Transformation

C. Kürpick, A. Rasor, M. Scholtysik, A. Kühn, C. Koldewey, R. Dumitrescu, Procedia CIRP 119 (2023) 614–619.

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  • Data-Driven Innovation (in English)