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Change of Perspective.

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Ngoc Chi Banh, M.Sc.

 Ngoc Chi Banh, M.Sc.

Institut für Humanwissenschaften > Psychologie > Kognitive Psychologie

Member - Research Associate - SFB/TRR 318 "Constructing Explainability"

Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 318

Member - Research Associate - Doctoral Researcher A05

+49 5251 60-4491
Office hours:

on appointment via e-mail

Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn
About me

Research associate in the Collaborative Research Center TRR 318 "Constructing Explainability", subproject A05


Postal address

Interoffice mail
Ngoc Chi Banh
ZM2 TRR 318

Postal addressPostal address
Ngoc Chi Banh
TRR 318
Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn

 Ngoc Chi Banh, M.Sc.
08/2021 - today

Rsearch associate in the Collaborative Research Center "Constructing Explainability"

Joint research project TRR 318 and the Project A05 "Contextualized and online parametrization of attention in human–robot explanatory dialog"

10/2012 - 08/2021

Informatikstudium an der Universität Paderborn


Master of Science Informatik

01/2020 - 06/2020

Lab assistant @ CCS Labs, Heinz-Nixdorf-Insitutut

I was responsible for conducting experiments for the BMBF-funded and concluded Safety4Bikes project. The experiments were conducted in the Virtual Cycling Environment.

2017 - 2018

Year abroad @ Vietnamese-German University (VGU), Binh Duong/Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Bachelor of Science Informatik

04/2015 - 01/2017

Lab assistant @ Psylab, Department of Cognitive Psychology, Institute of Human Sciences

Das PsyLab ist ein experimentalpsychologisches Forschungslabor für Fragestellungen aus der kognitiven Psychologie.

10/2014 - 03/2015

Teaching assistant / tutor for psychology 101


Banh, Ngoc Chi (2021).Dooring as a Hazard for Bicyclists – Modeling Hazard Scenarios in an Interactive Real-time 3D Simulation. Paderborn. Master's thesis.

Banh, Ngoc Chi (2017). An Asynchronous Adaptation of a Churn-resistant Overlay Network Butterchurn. Paderborn. Bachelor's thesis.

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