Prof. Dr. Margit Rösler

Harmonic Analysis

Office Address:
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

The Dunkl-Laplace transform and Macdonald’s hypergeometric series
D. Brennecken, M. Rösler, Transaction of the American Mathematical Society (n.d.).
Elementary symmetric polynomials and martingales for Heckman-Opdam processes
M. Rösler, M. Voit, Contemporary Mathematics (2022) 243–262.
Sonine Formulas and Intertwining Operators in Dunkl Theory
M. Rösler, M. Voit, International Mathematics Research Notices 2021 (2021) 13202–13230.
Positive intertwiners for Bessel functions of type B
M. Rösler, M. Voit, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 149 (2021) 1151–1163.
Riesz distributions and Laplace transform in the Dunkl setting of type A
M. Rösler, Journal of Functional Analysis 278 (2020).
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