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M. Sc. Julian Vorderbrüggen

M. Sc. Julian Vorderbrüggen

Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 285

Member - Research Associate - Teilprojekt A01

+49 5251 60 5283

Werkstoff- und Fügetechnik

Research Associate - work group mechanical joining

+49 5251 60-5283
+49 5251 60-3239
Office hours:

by arrangement

Pohlweg 47-49
33098 Paderborn

Open list in Research Information System


Development of a rivet geometry for solid self-piercing riveting of thermally loaded CFRP-metal joints in automotive construction

J. Vorderbrüggen, D. Köhler, B. Grüber, J. Troschitz, M. Gude, G. Meschut, Composite Structures (2022), 291, 115583



Clinching of Thermoplastic Composites and Metals—A Comparison of Three Novel Joining Technologies

B. Gröger, J. Troschitz, J. Vorderbrüggen, C. Vogel, R. Kupfer, G. Meschut, M. Gude, Materials (2021)


Computed tomography investigation of the material structure in clinch joints in aluminium fibre-reinforced thermoplastic sheets

B. Gröger, D. Köhler, J. Vorderbrüggen, J. Troschitz, R. Kupfer, G. Meschut, M. Gude, Production Engineering (2021)

<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>Recent developments in automotive and aircraft industry towards a multi-material design pose challenges for modern joining technologies due to different mechanical properties and material compositions of various materials such as composites and metals. Therefore, mechanical joining technologies like clinching are in the focus of current research activities. For multi-material joints of metals and thermoplastic composites thermally assisted clinching processes with advanced tool concepts are well developed. The material-specific properties of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics have a significant influence on the joining process and the resulting material structure in the joining zone. For this reason, it is important to investigate these influences in detail and to understand the phenomena occurring during the joining process. Additionally, this provides the basis for a validation of a numerical simulation of such joining processes. In this paper, the material structure in a joint resulting from a thermally assisted clinching process is investigated. The joining partners are an aluminium sheet and a thermoplastic composite (organo sheet). Using computed tomography enables a three-dimensional investigation that allows a detailed analysis of the phenomena in different joining stages and in the material structure of the finished joint. Consequently, this study provides a more detailed understanding of the material behavior of thermoplastic composites during thermally assisted clinching.</jats:p>


Joining of Thermoplastic Composites with Metals Using Resistance Element Welding

J. Troschitz, J. Vorderbrüggen, R. Kupfer, M. Gude, G. Meschut. Joining of Thermoplastic Composites with Metals Using Resistance Element Welding. 2020.



Entwicklung eines Clinchverfahrens für thermoplastische FKV in Mischbauweise

J. Vorderbrüggen, B. Gröger, R. Kupfer, A. Hoog, M. Gude, G. Meschut, 2019

Phenomena of forming and failure in joining hybrid structures – Experimental and numerical studies of clinching thermoplastic composites and metal

J. Vorderbrüggen, B. Gröger, R. Kupfer, A. Hoog, M. Gude, G. Meschut, in: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 22ND INTERNATIONAL ESAFORM CONFERENCE ON MATERIAL FORMING: ESAFORM 2019, 2019


Investigations on a material-specific joining technology for CFRP hybrid joints along the automotive process chain

J. Vorderbrüggen, G. Meschut, Composite Structures (2019), 111533



Fügetechnik: Schlüsseltechnologie für ressourceneffiziente Hochleistungsverbundsysteme

J. Vorderbrüggen, G. Meschut, F. Augenthaler, M. Ditz, H.. Günter, C. Schmal. Fügetechnik: Schlüsseltechnologie für ressourceneffiziente Hochleistungsverbundsysteme. 2018.

Open list in Research Information System

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