Office Address:
Pohlweg 51
33098 Paderborn
Paderborn University
Vice President - Professor
Office Address:
Pohlweg 51
33098 Paderborn

About Johannes Blömer

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2009: Professor (W3)

Paderborn University, Germany

2000 - 2009: Associate Professor (C3)

Paderborn University, GermanyPaderborn University, Germany

1996 - 2000: Postdoc

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

01.10.1997 - 31.03.1998: Visiting Professor

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Substitute Professor for Prof. Dr. C.-P. Schnorr

1993 - 1996: Postdoc

International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, USA, supported by grants from NSF (USA) and from the EUInternational Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, USA, supported by grants from NSF (USA) and from the EU

29.01.1993: Doctorate

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt, Computer Science, Free University Berlin, Germany. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Chee-Keng Yap, Computer Science, New York University, USA

1983 - 1989: Degree programme

Diploma in Mathematics, Free University Berlin, Germany

2000 - 2008: Papers selected for special issues of ESA 2000, ICALP 2007, SODA 2008

2003: Weierstraß-Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Faculty for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, Paderborn University

1994 - 1996: Habilitation scholarship, German Science Foundation (DFG)


Selected Publications

A Complexity Theoretical Study of Fuzzy K-Means
J. Blömer, S. Brauer, K. Bujna, ACM Transactions on Algorithms 16 (2020) 1–25.
Updatable Anonymous Credentials and Applications to Incentive Systems
J. Blömer, J. Bobolz, D.P. Diemert, F. Eidens, in: Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security - CCS ’19, 2019.
Practical, Anonymous, and Publicly Linkable Universally-Composable Reputation Systems
J. Blömer, F. Eidens, J. Juhnke, in: Topics in Cryptology - {CT-RSA} 2018 - The Cryptographers’ Track at the {RSA} Conference 2018, Proceedings, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2018, pp. 470–490.
Voronoi Cells of Lattices with Respect to Arbitrary Norms
J. Blömer, K. Kohn, SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry. 2 (2018) 314–338.
Clustering for Metric and Nonmetric Distance Measures
M.R. Ackermann, J. Blömer, C. Sohler, ACM Trans. Algorithms (2010) 59:1--59:26.
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Current Courses

  • Introduction to Cryptography (in English)
  • Berechenbarkeit und Komplexität

Scientific Engagement

2023  |  Organizing Committee International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, ICALP

2017 - 2019  |  Steering Committee Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Science (MACIS)

2017  |  Program Committee Chair Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Science (MACIS 2017)

2007  |  Organiser of the Dagstuhl Seminar Cryptography (with Dan Boneh, Stanford, Ronald Cramer, CWI Amsterdam, Ueli Maurer, ETH Zurich)

Since 2022  |  Initiator and Founding Director of the Jenny Aloni Center for Early-Career Researchers, Paderborn University

Since 2015  |  Liaison Professor of Fulbright Germany

Since 2014  |  Liaison Professor of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation

Since 2023  |  Editorial Board member, Acta Informatica

Since 1993  |  Program committee and reviewer for various international conferences: STACS, ICALP, Crypto, Eurocrypt, SODA, STOC, FOCS etc.

Since 2018  |  Founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Photonic Quantum Systems (PhoQS), Paderborn University