Dr. Harald Herrmann

Integrated Quantum Optics


Group leader "Device Development"

Office Address:
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Demonstration of Hong-Ou-Mandel interference in an LNOI directional coupler
S. Babel, L. Bollmers, M. Massaro, K.H. Luo, M. Stefszky, F. Pegoraro, P. Held, H. Herrmann, C. Eigner, B. Brecht, L. Padberg, C. Silberhorn, Optics Express 31 (2023).
Fully guided and phase locked Ti:PPLN waveguide squeezing for applications in quantum sensing
R. Domeneguetti, M. Stefszky, H. Herrmann, C. Silberhorn, U.L. Andersen, J.S. Neergaard-Nielsen, T. Gehring, Optics Letters 48 (2023).
Fiber-coupled plug-and-play heralded single photon source based on Ti:LiNbO3 and polymer technology
C. Kießler, H. Conradi, M. Kleinert, V. Quiring, H. Herrmann, C. Silberhorn, Optics Express 31 (2023).
Cryogenic electro-optic modulation in titanium in-diffused lithium niobate waveguides
F. Thiele, F. vom Bruch, J. Brockmeier, M. Protte, T. Hummel, R. Ricken, V. Quiring, S. Lengeling, H. Herrmann, C. Eigner, C. Silberhorn, T. Bartley, Journal of Physics: Photonics 4 (2022).
On-Chip Quantum Communication Devices
A. Trenti, M. Achleitner, F. Prawits, B. Schrenk, H. Conradi, M. Kleinert, A. Incoronato, F. Zanetto, F. Zappa, I.D. Luch, O. Cirkinoglu, X. Leijtens, A. Bonardi, C. Bruynsteen, X. Yin, C. Kießler, H. Herrmann, C. Silberhorn, M. Bozzio, P. Walther, H.C. Thiel, G. Weihs, H. Hubel, Journal of Lightwave Technology 40 (2022) 7485–7497.
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