Prof. Dr. Jürgen Klüners

Computer Algebra and Number Theory

Computer Algebra and Number Theory

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Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Selected Publications

ℓ-torsion bounds for the class group of number fields with an ℓ-group as Galois group
J. Klüners, J. Wang, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 150 (2022) 2793–2805.
The conductor density of local function fields with abelian Galois group
J. Klüners, R. Müller, Journal of Number Theory 212 (2020) 311–322.
Are number fields determined by Artin L-functions?
J. Klüners, F. Nicolae, Journal of Number Theory 167 (2016) 161–168.
On the negative Pell equation
É. Fouvry, J. Klüners, Annals of Mathematics 172 (2010) 2035–2104.
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  • Analytische Zahlentheorie (Übung)
  • Analytische Zahlentheorie