Prof. Dr. Uwe Gerstmann

Second Head - Professor
Head - Supernumerary Professor
Office Address:
Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Relativistic calculation of the orbital hyperfine splitting in complex microscopic structures

K. Franzke, W.G. Schmidt, U. Gerstmann, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2701 (2024).

Defect-Assisted Exciton Transfer across the Tetracene-Si(111):H Interface

M. Krenz, U. Gerstmann, W.G. Schmidt, Physical Review Letters 132 (2024).

Rutile, anatase, brookite and titania thin film from Hubbard corrected and hybrid DFT

S. Badalov, A. Bocchini, R. Wilhelm, A.L. Kozub, U. Gerstmann, W.G. Schmidt, Materials Research Express (n.d.).

Vibrational Properties of the Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Crystal Family

S. Neufeld, U. Gerstmann, L. Padberg, C. Eigner, G. Berth, C. Silberhorn, L.M. Eng, W.G. Schmidt, M. Rüsing, Crystals 13 (2023).

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Current Courses

  • Relativitätstheorie
  • Computational Spectroscopy