Prof. Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck

Psychology and Human Movement

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Harsewinkelweg 4
33100 Paderborn
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Guiding principles

The understanding of movement, and the detection and treatment of primary deficits of movement on the whole range from competive sports to rehabilitation is the key component of successful and sustainable diagnosis and treatment. The assessment of a movement with respect to its individual normality is more important than the accordance with a normative exercise.

Field of Activity

Thomas Jöllenbeck is head of the Institut for Biomechanics at the Klinik Lindenplatz in Bad Sassendorf, Germay. Additionally he is Associate Professor at the university of Paderborn and member of the psychology and movement science research group.

Thomas does research in movement science, motion analysis, biomechanics and motor learning in sports, orthopedics, rehabilitation and prevention. His current projects are 'RehaToGo', 'Back to normal gait after joint replacement', 'Sports with endoprosthesis', 'Prevention of ACL-rupture' and 'ProCare - Primary prevention in longterm care'.