Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner

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Pohlweg 47-49
33098 Paderborn
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Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Vice Dean - Professor
Vice Dean/Head of Electrical Engineering department
Office Address:
Pohlweg 47-49
33098 Paderborn
Coordinator - Professor
Coordinator MSc Optoelectronics&Photonics

About Jens Förstner

Curriculum Vitae

Since 06/2013: Full Professor (W3) for "Theoretical Electrical Engineering", Paderborn University, Germany

04/2007 - 05/2013: Head of the DFG Emmy Noether junior research group on "Computational Nanophotonics", Paderborn University, Germany

01/2012 - 03/2012: Visiting Scientist, group of H. Carmichael, University of Auckland

10/2006 - 03/2007: Post-doctoral research assistant, Technical University Berlin, Germany

10/2004 - 09/2006: Post-doctoral research associate, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

09/2004: PhD thesis "Light Propagation and Many-Particle Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures", Technical University Berlin, Germany

10/2000 - 09/2004: Research assistant (PhD), Technical University Berlin, Germany

04/2000 - 09/2000: Research assistant (PhD), University Marburg, Germany

01/2000: Diplom (MSc) in Physics, University of Marburg, Germany

1997 - 1998: study abroad at the University of Kent at Canterbury/UK, recipient of the 1998 Europhysics Prize

1994 - 1996: First diploma (BSc) in Physics and Computer Science, Philips University Marburg

2011: Goldene Kreide for excellence in teaching

10/2009: Research Award 2009 of the Paderborn University for a project on "Custom Computing Architectures for Nanophotonics" with Prof. Christian Plessl

11/2005: Carl-Ramsauer-Preis 2005 for PhD thesis


Selected Publications

A multi-mode super-fano mechanism for enhanced third harmonic generation in silicon metasurfaces

D. Hähnel, C. Golla, M. Albert, T. Zentgraf, V. Myroshnychenko, J. Förstner, C. Meier, Light: Science & Applications 12 (2023) 97.

Integrated superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors on titanium in-diffused lithium niobate waveguides

J.P. Höpker, V.B. Verma, M. Protte, R. Ricken, V. Quiring, C. Eigner, L. Ebers, M. Hammer, J. Förstner, C. Silberhorn, R.P. Mirin, S. Woo Nam, T. Bartley, Journal of Physics: Photonics 3 (2021) 034022.

Polarization Conversion Effect in Biological and Synthetic Photonic Diamond Structures

X. Wu, F.L. Rodríguez-Gallegos, M.-C. Heep, B. Schwind, G. Li, H.-O. Fabritius, G. von Freymann, J. Förstner, Advanced Optical Materials 6 (2018) 1800635.

Unveiling and Imaging Degenerate States in Plasmonic Nanoparticles with Nanometer Resolution

V. Myroshnychenko, N. Nishio, F.J. García de Abajo, J. Förstner, N. Yamamoto, ACS Nano 12 (2018) 8436–8446.

Directional Emission from Dielectric Leaky-Wave Nanoantennas

M. Peter, A. Hildebrandt, C. Schlickriede, K. Gharib, T. Zentgraf, J. Förstner, S. Linden, Nano Letters 17 (2017) 4178–4183.

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Current Courses

  • Wissenschaftliches Programmieren (Projekt)
  • Scientific Computing (Project)
  • Lab Project
  • Forschungsseminar Theoretische Elektrotechnik
  • Fields & Waves
  • Elektromagnetische Feldsimulation (Projekt)
  • Electromagnetic Field Simulation (Project)
  • Computergestützte Simulation mit CST Studio Suite® (Projekt)
  • Computer Simulations using CST Studio Suite® (Project)

Scientific Engagement

2008 - 2013  |  Organising and technical committee member of the "International Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Nano-Photonics (TaCoNa-Photonics)", Bad Honnef, Germany