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Office Address:
Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn
Key research area Transformation and Education
Supernumerary Professor
Paderborn University
Supernumerary Professor
Office Address:
Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn

Designing support processes digitally and with added value for research and transfer, teaching and studies, and administration in cooperation - that is my passion.

About Gudrun Oevel

Since 2004, I have been head of the Center for Information and Media Technologies (IMT) at the University of Paderborn as an adjunct professor and have been advising the Executive Board on the development and implementation of the University of Paderborn's digitization strategy in the role of CIO since 2012. Since 2020, I have additionally been appointed as Information Security Officer.

The IMT is the central service provider for information and media technologies at the University of Paderborn with the additional task of providing practical training for the media studies programs. In addition, the IMT is a partner in various research projects with a current focus on the Digital Humanities, the development of repositories and digital editions. The CERT and the PKI of the University of Paderborn are anchored at the IMT; corresponding services, documentation and measures are therefore also part of the IMT's mission.

In terms of content, I am interested in the technical-organizational implementation and sustainable anchoring of e-science and e-learning with regard to personnel and organizational development at infrastructural institutions. I am a member of the NFDI expert panel of the DFG, which accompanies the implementation process of the NFDI.

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Curriculum Vitae

Since 2012: CIO, Universität Paderborn: Entwicklung und Umsetzung der Digitalisierungsstrategie

Since 1994: Wiss. Mitarbeiterin / Ltd. Ak. Direktorin, Universität Paderborn

2012: Ernennung zur apl. Professorin an der Universität Paderborn

1986 - 1991: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin bei Prof. Dr. Benno Fuchssteiner im Fachbereich Mathematik/Informatik, Universität Paderborn

1990: Promotion "Reduktion integrabler Systeme auf ihre Multisoliton Mannigfaltigkeiten" bei Prof. Dr. Benno Fuchssteiner, Gesamtnote "summa cum laude"

1980 - 1986: Studium der Mathematik (Diplom und Lehramt Sekundarstufe II) an der Universität-Gesamthochschule Paderborn, Abschluss als Dipl.-Mathematikerin, Gesamtnote "sehr gut"

1991 - 1993: Postdoktorandenstipendium der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft "Entwicklung und Implementierung eines Grafik-Moduls zu dem Computeralgebrasystem MuPAD"

10/1987: Award of the University Society Paderborn for the diploma thesis


Research Interests

  • Implementation of e-learning and e-science at universities
  • Broadening and transfer of e-learning and e-science
  • Creation of a culture of change in educational contexts
  • Infrastructures and cooperations in the field of e-learning and e-science in higher education institutions


Selected Publications – eine fallbasierte Lehr-/Lernumgebung zum Erwerb inklusions- und digitalisierungsbezogener Kompetenzen in der Lehrer:innenbildung

P. Büker, A.-M. Kamin, G. Oevel, K. Glawe, M. Knurr, I. Menke, J. Ogrodowski, F. Schaper, in: H.W. Wollersheim, N. Pengel (Eds.), Bildung in der digitalen Transformation, Waxmann, Münster, New York, 2021, pp. 231–234.

Kollektive Veränderungsbereitschaft als zentraler Erfolgsfaktor von Digitalisierungsprozessen an Hochschulen

M. Graf-Schlattmann, D.M. Meister, G. Oevel, M. Wilde, Forschungsperspektiven auf Digitalisierung in Hochschulen, Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung 15 (2020).

Digitalisierungsstrategien auf dem Prüfstand – eine empirische Untersuchung auf Basis der Grounded-Theory-Methodologie an deutschen Hochschulen

M. Graf-Schlattmann, D.M. Meister, G. Oevel, M. Wilde, in: J. Hafer (Ed.), Teilhabe an Bildung und Wissenschaft, Waxmann, Münster New York, 2019.

math-kit - Ein multimedialer Baukasten für die Mathematikausbildung im Grundstudium

L. Unger, M. Bauch, A. Baudry, M. Bungenstock, B. Mertsching, G. Oevel, K. Padberg, B. Thiere, SoftwareTechnikTrends 24 (2004).

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Teaching Areas

To systematically pass on competencies in the field of media and IT technologies to students and trainees, that is the goal for me together with many colleagues in the IMT in different teaching and learning scenarios. This includes the training in media practice, the courses in the area of doIT, but also the seminars offered.

Current Courses

The researcher does not teach any courses in the current semester.


I am interested in topics

  • Information security
  • Innovation management

Scientific Engagement

Since 2020  |  Member of the Stiftungsrat for Leibniz-Informationszentrums Wirtschaft (ZBW)

Since 2020  |  Member of Steering Committee Landesportal

Since 2019  |  Member of Advisory Board Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek der Universität zu Köln

Since 2019  |  Member of Expert Committee for National Research Data Infrastructure

Since 2018  |  Member of Advisory Committee of the German National Library

Since 2015  |  Member of Management Board ZKI e.V.