Paderborn University students honoured for successful participation in the savings banks' "Stock Exchange Simulation Game"

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The "Planspiel Börse" is an online competition organised by Sparkasse, which simulates events on the securities markets and is designed to deepen the basic economic knowledge of pupils, trainees and students in a playful way. At Paderborn University, Prof. Dr André Uhde, Chair of Banking and Finance, and his research assistant Sarah Herwald offer a seminar to accompany the simulation, which is open to all students on Bachelor's degree programmes in the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics every winter semester. In addition to investment strategies, students learn how to measure the value and performance of a security. Three teams from the accompanying seminar have now been honoured and received prize money totalling over 1,200 euros.

Learning about sustainable management

With a virtual starting capital of 50,000 euros, participants in the simulation game can invest in various securities in real time. In addition to a well-founded trading strategy, the concept of sustainability also plays an important role in their own success, as socially and ecologically sensible management is rewarded in a separate sustainability assessment.

Once again this year, five teams applied the investment knowledge they had learnt and bought and sold securities over a period of four months. They explained their strategies in a final presentation to Andreas Hagemeier and Anna-Lena Wenzel from Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold-Höxter, who then congratulated the winners on their good performance. Hagemeier also motivated the students to actively invest in an equity-based pension scheme, even when there is uncertainty on the stock market and regardless of market sentiment. 

The next round of the "Planspiel Börse" will take place from the beginning of October until January. Registrations are possible from Monday, 9 September.

Further information about the accompanying seminar for the stock market simulation at Paderborn University can be found in the module description.

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Photo (Paderborn University, Julia Klimeck): The Paderborn University prizewinners: (front from left) Timo Pohlmann (sustainability rating), Julia Rüthing (sustainability rating), Maria Kolodziejczyk (overall depot rating), Finn Rüther (overall depot rating), Philipp Köster (sustainability rating), (centre from left) Leon Könemann (overall depot rating), Patrick Schäfers (overall depot rating), Hannes Döding (overall depot rating).) Leon Könemann (overall securities account ranking), Patrick Schäfers (overall securities account ranking), Hannes Döding (overall securities account ranking), Christian Weger (sustainability ranking), Nico Siedlaczek (sustainability ranking), (back from l. to r.) Andreas Hagemeier (securities account ranking), (centre from l.)) Andreas Hagemeier (Securities Specialist at Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold-Höxter), Anna-Lena Wenzel (Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold-Höxter, Sales Management), Prof. Dr. André Uhde (Paderborn University), Sarah Herwald (Paderborn University)


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