Ruhrtriennale: Prof. Dr. Jutta Weber speaks about nature and technology

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On Sunday, 3 September, Prof. Dr. Jutta Weber from the Institute for Media Studies at Paderborn University will be talking with the writer and Büchner Prize winner Lukas Bärfuss at the Ruhrtriennale about "Nature and Technology". They discuss the interface between man and machine, which new and old desires we project into machines and what this reveals about the constitution of our society today. They pose the question of how to engage with 'smart' bots like ChatGPT, so-called artificial intelligence and social robots in a playful as well as analytical and critical way. The event starts at 5 pm in the Maschinenhaus Essen. Tickets are available on the event website.

Afterwards, the actress Anna Drexler will read texts by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Heinrich Heine, Apollonius Rhodes, Mary Shelley, René Descartes, Anatole France and Homer at 7.30 pm. The composer Theo Nabicht provides the musical accompaniment.

The Ruhrtriennale – the festival of the arts – takes place from 10 August to 23 September under the direction of artistic director Barbara Frey in halls, coking plants, machine houses and slagheaps of the mining and steel industries. The programme includes music theatre, drama, dance, performance, concert and visual arts.