Offers for pupils: Discovering study opportunities at Paderborn University

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The Paderborn University invites pupils with several offers to get to know different study options. The mentoring programme "look upb" and the "Herbst-Uni girls only" provide girls and young women with practical insights into the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology). Both girls and boys can explore the MINT world at the "Herbst-Uni all gender". In addition, the programme "Studying before the Abi" offers pupils from grade 9 onwards the opportunity to gain an early insight into the everyday life of studying various subjects and to acquire certificates of achievement for later study. The events are organised by the working group "Frauen gestalten die Informationsgesellschaft" (fgi) or the project "MINT@UniPB" and the Student Advise Centre of Paderborn University. Participation in all offers is free of charge.

Studying before the Abi

Visiting the university before graduating from school, getting an insight into campus life and acquiring credits for later studies - this is possible at Paderborn University within the framework of the programme "Studying before the Abi". Pupils from grade 9 onwards who would like to study a scientific field beyond the school curriculum can take part. A supporting programme helps with orientation on campus. "We want the students to feel comfortable with us and have fun immersing themselves in scientific discourse and exciting research questions at an early age. That's why we pay attention to close personal support and networking among each other," says ZSB staff member Ines Werner. The next round starts on 6 October, registrations are possible until the end of September. On Wednesday, 23 August, there will be a digital information event for interested students, their parents and teachers at 5 pm. Registration is not necessary. Further information and the link to the event can be found on the Website of the programme "Studying before the Abi".

MINT taster study in the "Herbst-Uni" (autumn university)

In the second week of the autumn holidays, pupils are invited to try out a MINT taster course at Paderborn University with the "Herbst-Uni". From Monday, 9 October, to Friday, 13 October, exciting lectures and interactive workshops from the fields of mathematics, (business) informatics, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering await those interested in studying. The programme is available in two formats: The "Autumn University girls only" is aimed exclusively at schoolgirls in grades 8 to 13. All information on the programme, which is organised by the fgi working group, as well as registration options are available on the Website of the "Herbst-Uni girls only".  At the same time, the "Herbst-Uni all gender", which is supported by the project "MINT@UniPB", is offered for both female and male students of the upper school. Those interested can register on the Website of the "Herbst-Uni all gender". Registrations for both programmes are possible from 21 August until 17 September.

"look upb": MINT mentoring programme for schoolgirls

The MINT mentoring programme "look upb" will also begin at the start of the 2023/24 winter semester on Monday, 25 September. This programme offers high school girls the opportunity to attend lectures, workshops, excursions and mentoring meetings together with a female student for one semester, providing a practical insight into the STEM degree programmes at Paderborn University. A supporting programme with further events such as an excursion to a regional company rounds off the offer. Interested schoolgirls can register until 17 September on the Website of the programme "look upb".

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Ines Werner

Student Advice Centre

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Dr. Stephanie Forge

Frauen gestalten die Informationsgesellschaft

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Tamara Brennecken

Frauen gestalten die Informationsgesellschaft

Project coordination

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