Executive Board of Paderborn University Adopts First Internationalisation Strategy

In the course of recent years, internationalisation at Paderborn University has been advanced systematically: Worldwide cooperations and sustainable networks in research, studies, and teaching have been newly established, developed, and strategically consolidated. The evident result of these efforts is that the number and proportion of international students is continuously growing.

In 2022, the Executive Board of Paderborn University adopted its first internationalisation strategy, in order to allow for the future continuation of this recent positive development. In the years to come, central tasks will include the elevation of the university's international profile and the further increase of Paderborn University‘s international visibility, the aim of which is to attract highly qualified international researchers, teachers, students and employees in technology and administration to the region and the university. Additionally, a welcoming culture and the increased teaching of intercultural skills in all areas of the university are to be promoted.

Specifically, Paderborn University has set itself four main goals in the area of internationalisation, which we intend to attain by 2025:

  1. Strengthening the international visibility of Paderborn University as an attractive scientific location
  2. Increasing the number of excellent international researchers and guest researchers
  3. Increasing the number of qualified international students and bolstering student exchanges
  4. Creating more opportunities for all university staff to acquire intercultural competences.

Internationalisation can only succeed if all parties and departments of the university approach the task as one. As a complex, cross-sectional task, it should therefore be pursued collectively in a targeted and quality-oriented manner.

The Internationalisation Strategy of the Executive Board of Paderborn University 2022-2025 can be downloaded from the website of the Executive Board.

Throughout the lecture period, the event series "International Tuesdays" provides regular information about the various measures and offers in the area of internationalisation at Paderborn University.


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Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier

Paderborn University

Vice-President for International Relations