Soft­ware In­nov­a­tion Lab (SI-Lab)

Software Innovation Lab (SI-Lab)

SI-Lab is a central scientific institution of the University of Paderborn, an interdisciplinary research institution and as such part of SICP – Software Innovation Campus Paderborn.

SICP – Software Innovation Campus Paderborn was initiated in 2013 by the University of Paderborn, ten technology companies in the region and other partners. The goal is the close cooperation between business and science as a key success factor in the transfer of research results into marketable, software-intensive innovations.

The campus model

The main innovation in the cooperation of the partners of the SICP is the campus model, which promotes an interdisciplinary cooperation.

Currently, Software Innovation Lab has five competence areas, each of which is scientifically led by a director (university teacher) and operatively directed by a manager.

The fields of competence are oriented towards the needs of companies and society.

These areas of expertise are: 

1. Digital Security 
2. Cyber-Physical Systems 
3. Digital Business 
4. Smart Systems
5. Software Engineering

Interdisciplinary work 

At SICP, more than 30 university teachers from the University of Paderborn are involved in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology, economics, business informatics and cultural studies. With their expertise and the competencies of their disciplines, they manage the necessary scientific and interdisciplinary know-how, which is composed in projects according to requirements.

Chairman of the Board of SI-Lab at the University of Paderborn is Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels, Managing Director is Dr. Stefan Sauer and Vize Managing Director is Dr. Gunnar Schomaker.


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