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RadiOptics - EXIST Business Start-up Grant: RadiOptics

The goal of the RadiOptics project is to commercialize the next generation of microwave signal generators using a mode-locked laser (MLL). MLLs can generate a low-noise optical reference clock which have better precision in time unit measurement by orders of magnitude. The optical pulses of MLLs, however, cannot simply be used in a conventional ...

Duration: 06/2023 - 11/2024

Funded by: EU, BMWK, ESF

Contact: Dr Peter Hertenstein

FOR 2863 - Traceable Terahertz Transceivers (B2)

The B2 project of Meteracom focuses on the signal traceability in electronic THz analog transmit and receive frontends, including their functional building blocks for wideband THz signal generation, translation, amplification and sampling. The main objectives in phase II are to expand the transceiver functionalities towards the traceability of ...

Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024

Funded by: DFG

Contact: Meysam Bahmanian

Monolithically Integrated Opto-Electronic Frequency Synthesizer in Silicon Photonics

Low jitter signal sources are in widespread use for object detection, navigation systems, and ultra-high speed data communication systems. The jitter of the signal sources is dominated by the reference signal source which is a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) or a quartz oscillator. While these reference oscillators are standard for communication ...

Duration: 06/2017 - 05/2021

Funded by: DFG

Contact: Meysam Bahmanian