DC2HEAT - Data Centre HEat Recovery with AI-Technologies


The DC2HEAT project aims to create an AI lighthouse for the use of waste heat from data centers using Frankfurt as an example. DC2HEAT is intended to help ensure that the dynamically growing data center infrastructure can be operated in a climate-friendly manner. The aim is to avoid the use of fossil fuels to supply heat in Frankfurt and other regions in the future.

As power consumption in data centers increases, so does the amount of waste heat generated. The main aim of the project is to use artificial intelligence to simplify the planning, adaptation and operation of systems and trades for waste heat recovery from data centers. In addition, operation is to be made more economical and at the same time more environmentally friendly. This will promote the spread (diffusion) of this type of waste heat utilization and open up new uses for waste heat.

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08/2023 - 07/2026
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Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller

Dekanat Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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