ZirkuPro - Holistic circular product creation for intelligent technical systems


The manufacturing of mechatronic products, such as semiconductors, is characterized by significant energy consumption, the use of limited and sometimes critical raw materials, and demanding manufacturing conditions. These aspects lead not only to environmental impacts, but also to resource scarcity and economic uncertainty. In view of global environmental and sustainability requirements, it is essential to find solutions that address these challenges and lead to more responsible manufacturing of such products.


The main objective of the 'ZirkuPro' project is to develop a comprehensive methodology for holistic circular product creation in the context of Intelligent Technical Systems. The circular economy approach is applied as a guiding principle. This means that waste is avoided by returning products to the economic cycle through reuse, repair or recycling. The special focus here is on electronics, which are an essential component in many of these technical systems. Due to its complexity, the use of different materials (including critical raw materials such as rare earths), the often underestimated CO2 emissions and the changing regulatory requirements, electronics production is a key area for innovation towards sustainability. 'ZirkuPro' aims to develop a systematic approach that takes into account the entire lifecycle of products - from initial material sourcing through manufacturing to recycling or disposal. By succeeding in establishing circular product creation in this area, the project will not only help reduce environmental impacts, but also ensure the availability of resources in the long term and increase the sustainability of mechatronic product manufacturing.

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05/2022 - 04/2025
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu

Advanced Systems Engineering / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

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