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How can companies ensure that their products remain successful in the future? This question is the focus of product management, a discipline that deals with the conception, control and monitoring of products or services within a company. Experts often rely on their intuition, as relevant information is often spread across different departments. The "Data-based Product Management" project is dedicated to developing approaches for strengthening product management with the help of data optimization.


The aim of this project is to support the companies Diebold Nixdorf, DMG Mori, Isringhausen and Schmitz Cargobull in managing traditional product management tasks, such as the design of new product features, more efficiently and successfully with the help of modern data analysis methods. This will involve actively using information from a wide range of sources such as operational data, internal information from the marketing and sales departments, and external sources such as social media. Throughout the process, the companies are supported by research partners Fraunhofer IEM and Heinz Nixdorf Institute.

Key Facts

Project duration:
04/2023 - 10/2025
Funded by:
it’s OWL

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Principal Investigators

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu

Advanced Systems Engineering / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

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