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Humans in XAI: Increased Reliance in Decision-Making Under Uncertainty by Using Explanation Strategies
O. Lammert, B. Richter, C. Schütze, K. Thommes, B. Wrede, Frontiers in Behavioral Economics (2024).
The Role of Response Time for Algorithm Aversion in Fast and Slow Thinking Tasks
A. Lebedeva, J. Kornowicz, O. Lammert, J. Papenkordt, in: Artificial Intelligence in HCI, 2023.
RISE: an open-source architecture for interdisciplinary and reproducible human–robot interaction research
A. Groß, C. Schütze, M. Brandt, B. Wrede, B. Richter, Frontiers in Robotics and AI 10 (2023).
EEG Correlates of Distractions and Hesitations in Human–Robot Interaction: A LabLinking Pilot Study
B. Richter, F. Putze, G. Ivucic, M. Brandt, C. Schütze, R. Reisenhofer, B. Wrede, T. Schultz, Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 7 (2023).
Emotional Debiasing Explanations for Decisions in HCI
C. Schütze, O. Lammert, B. Richter, K. Thommes, B. Wrede, Artificial Intelligence in HCI (2023).
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