Felix Rossmann


Research Associate

ClimFiSoc - Climate financing in the SME industry

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Pohlweg 55
33098 Paderborn
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About Felix Rossmann

Felix Rossmann is a research assistant (doctoral candidate) at the Faculty of Cultural Studies at Paderborn University. He is currently working for the BMBF-funded project “Climate Finance in SMEs” in the joint project Climate Finance Society (ClimFiSoc) at the University of Paderborn under the supervision of PD Dr. Lisa Knoll.

After completing his Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Economics at TU Darmstadt, Felix completed a Master's program in Economic and Financial Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt. His focus here was on sustainability-related assessment procedures on financial markets (ESG ratings) and the critical examination of sustainability-related legislation at European level.

During and after his studies, Felix worked in sustainability consulting for development and private banks and credit cooperatives. He also advised banks on compliance issues with a focus on financial sanctions. Since November 2022, Felix has been doing his doctorate on the transformation of professions and knowledge in sustainability consulting.


Research Interests

  • Economic and organizational Sociology
  • Sociology of Finance
  • Sociology of Sustainability